In 1975 a group of intrepid theater-loving expats met in a backyard and agreed that a life without theater is a life without adventure. At that time Nagoya had no English language theater productions, so rather than do without, these entrepreneurial artists started their own group to produce English language shows for themselves and for all who wanted to watch.

We are a learning theater group,
so no experience is necessary to join us.

Since that day Nagoya Players has staged over 75 productions that have ranged from the scale and grandeur of Shakespeare, inspiring musicals, locally written dramas to even intimate black box productions. Nagoya Players appreciates the craft of theater in all of its forms, and is dedicated to bringing English and bilingual theater to the center of Japan through the passion and efforts of its international members.

We are a learning theater group, so no experience is necessary to join us. Over the years, this volunteer spirit allowed hundreds of people to either direct personally important plays, tread the boards onstage as an actor, create magic in shows as a designer or crew member, or help produce the show from behind the scenes.

Besides our fantastic cast and crew, the support of our many thousands of fans over the years has allowed us to become the center of a thriving international theater community in Nagoya.

Please volunteer with us.