Interview with Aesop’s Fables ‘Betty’, Amy Braun

English Below. エイミー ブラウンさんに「イソップ物語」についてインタビューしました!「やんちゃで生意気なベティ」を演ずるエイミーさんの素顔は。。。明るくて素敵な女性。そんな優しいエイミーさんが「意地悪ベティ」を見事に演じてくれています。彼女の演技に圧巻!!きっと忘れられないシーンとなりそうです。

Mr. Joe’s ESL Magic Class


名古屋プレイヤーズはプロの手品師ジョー・ハインドマン氏をお迎えして「Mr. Joe’s ESL Magic Class」を開催します。マジックだけでなく英会話まで習えるこのワークショップは、Mr. Joeの現代的で素晴らしいマジックとイリュージョンのショーで始まります。

March Tickets/前売券チケット

日本語訳は英語訳の後に続きます Thank you to everyone who purchased their tickets early! We hope the discounted pricing makes a day out with the family more affordable. There are still seats available during the month of March, so if you missed out on…

「早割り30」はまもなく終了します!/Last Call for Early Bird Tickets!

English Below





Interview with Aesop’s Fables ‘Crow’, Atsumi Yamamoto

日本語訳は英語訳の後に続きます We’ve been so impressed with this young lady! Atsumi has been working extremely hard on her performance and English skills. She has done such an amazing job developing her character and becoming the ‘Crow’. It really is a treat…

Auditions/オーディション! The Gift of the Magi

日本語訳は2ページ目にあります。 SYNOPSIS The classic story of gift-giving and personal sacrifice by O. Henry has been adapted for stage and given a romantic and comical spin by playwright Jon Jory. The story centers on the young but poor couple of Della…

Family Doodle Art!ドゥ―ドルアート

日本語訳は英語訳の後に続きます The next generation of artists are showing a lot of promise! Aesop’s Fables cast member Naudia Patterson lead this group of young Picasso’s through the process of making their own Doodle Art. Naudia started the workshop with some dramatic…



Aesop Video-Storybook

日本語訳は英語訳の後に続きます 英語音声、日本語字幕 It’s fascinating to see the minds of children at work. Nagoya Players collaborated with local art and language school IPE Academy to design a project that would combine English education with the visual arts. And what resulted is…

Audition Photography Workshop Wrap Up

日本語訳は英語訳の後に続きます。 Our first Audition Photography Workshop was an interesting and informative session hosted by the team of George Van Horn, John Ahern and Geof Griggs. We had an interesting mix of participants from children, to university students, to working adults…