As an active community theater, over the past forty years we’ve learned that the preservation and success of the theater arts relies heavily upon sharing knowledge and honing the craft. Therefore, in addition to the many thrilling shows we produce, we also host workshops and training seminars to help current and future generations of artists in their pursuits. Part of our mission is to ensure a community space will always be available for artists wishing to work in this wonderful medium. We often host our workshops and seminars free of charge to further promote accessibility in the performing arts.

We are a learning theater and exist to empower writers, artists, and craftspeople. We embrace all styles and forms, from pure entertainment, to thought-provoking tales of heroism, to surreal abstract experiments. Nagoya Players is a theater group where everyone can make their voice heard. If you’re just starting out in storytelling and visual performance, or you’re a seasoned professional, please join us and help us take you to the next level.



Upcoming Workshops

クリスマスキャロルワークショップ•Christmas Carol Workshop
with Pastor Michael Larsen & The Nagoya Players Choir
場所:Nagoya Union Church

Sing In English
with Actress & Singer, Denise Hewitt
IPEアカデミーの隣 スタジオA
2019年6月〜11月 第1、3土曜日

Act In English
with Actress & Singer, Naudia Patterson
IPEアカデミーの隣 スタジオA

Past Workshops

Act in English Mie Summer Camp
with Actor & Educator, Biagino Cristiano

with John Ahern

Mr. Joe’s ESL Magic Class
with Joe Hindman, Professional Magician

Aesop Party!
Party with the Aesop’s Fables Cast & Crew
場所:XLingual 伏見


with Shawn Mahler, Director of Aesop’s Fables
場所:XLingual 伏見

Aesop Storytime: Family Doodle Art!ドゥ―ドルアート

with ZenArtist Naudia Patterson

Audition Photography Workshop

with Photographer Geof Griggs and actors George Van Horn and John Ahern

Aesop Storytime: Kids Workshop

with Cast Member Naudia Patterson
IPE Academy, Imaike

Improv Workshop

with Actors Darian Gore & John Ahern
Studio A, Imaike