“Anger” – April 2014

“Anger” is a Nagoya Players exclusive adaptation of Reginald Rose’s 1954 Twelve Angry Men. The drama depicts a jury forced to determine the fate of a teenage boy and his possible involvement in the homicide of this father. The jury begins deliberations with a unanimous decision of guilty, but a single dissenter of not-guilty throws the jury room into chaos. The seed of reasonable doubt is implanted in their minds as to whether a young man could murder his own father, whether judgments are being made based of fact, emotion, prejudice or bias.

ANGER was based on the drama TWELVE ANGRY MEN by Reginald Rose, adapted for black box theater by Shawn Mahler, and directed by Will Taylor.  Anger ran April 5, 6, & 12, 2014 at Theater Moon in Imaike.

Anger Rehearsals Slideshow

    Photography courtesy of Christian Ollier

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