Interview with Gift’s ‘Jim’, Gareth Thomas

(English Below) 名古屋プレイヤーズは今回も素晴らしい役者さんたちに恵まれ、その中でも特にギャレス・トーマスさんの演技は必見!!

彼は名古屋プレイヤーズでの出演は初めてですが、母国イギリスにて幼少期より舞台に上がり、最近ではKPBシアターズのオリジナル作品「Gerry in The Attic」や「Double Agent」というショートプレイにも出演しました。


オンライン及びチケットぴあ(P-Code 495-574)でもお求めになれます。 

Nagoya Players has been blessed with a history of strong Lead Male Actors, but amongst the best is Gareth Thomas.

The Gift of the Magi will be Gareth’s first show with Nagoya Players, but he’s no stranger to the stage. He’s been performing since childhood and was most recently featured in KPB Theater’s original musical Gerry in The Attic, as well as their short play Double Agents.

Gareth plays a bumbling, yet loving husband, JIM in The Gift of the Magi. His character simply oozes charm. We’re certain you’ll fall in love with him too.

Gareth sat down for an interview to discuss his background, recent roles and the meaning of Christmas.

Please watch Gareth and this amazing performance on stage, Dec 7-8, Higashi Playhouse.

Tickets available from Cast, Crew and Show Supporter IPE Academy.
Also available online and at select convenience stores via TicketPia, P-Code 495-574.


Special Thanks to KPB Theatre

Photography Credits
Minoru Sato

Geof Griggs

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