Our Town•「わが町」July 2020


Our Town by Thornton Wilder is a Pulitzer Prize-winning play that has become one of America’s best known and most beloved shows. The story centers on the residents in the small town of Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire. It’s a story of the ‘every-town’, a place we are all familiar with. Grover’s Corners represents core values shared by communities and cultures all across the world.

The show is performed in three Acts, with each act embracing the themes of Life, Love and Death.

Wilder’s writing has been praised for his beautiful delivery of universal truths. He speaks clearly and openly about what it means to be human. Our Town is a wonderful combination of humor, wisdom and sincerity. It is a fantastic show to experience live and a story that will stay with you forever.





We’re very excited to announce that Nagoya Players’ production of Our Town will be done in collaboration with Meijo University’s Faculty of Foreign Language.

We have arranged for a special workshop and on-the-job training experience for students studying English and Theater at Meijo to join us on this production. They will participate as both cast and crew.

Our goal is to give these young people practical experience and valuable exposure to the performing arts. We believe this experience will aid them in their future careers and prepare them for work in international environments. We hope it’ll encourage them to pursue careers in the arts and work in fields that contribute to society.

Our Town is one of America’s best known plays and is performed continuously throughout the year at high schools, universities and professional theater groups in the United States.

It is an excellent show not only for it’s story and messaging but also for it’s simple and traditional production. It is an ideal show to further expose Japanese audiences to English theater as well as train the younger generation in English acting fundamentals and theater production.

This combination of classic stageplay, education and youth will be exciting for local audiences and it will be a memorable show for everyone to enjoy.


There will be a total of 4 performances:
Saturday, July 04th at 11:00 and 17:00
Sunday, July 05th at 11:00 and 17:00

  • Performed in English with Japanese Subtitles
  • Performances will be approximately 135 minutes in length.
  • There will be a 10 minute intermission after Acts I & II (20 minutes total)
  • The English level is suitable for intermediate speakers and can be enjoyed without subtitles.
  • Priority seating available for large groups.
  • The show is free seating, please arrive early to get a good view of the subtitles and stage.
  • 2019年7月4日(土曜日)5日(日曜日)
    11:00と17:00 全4回公演

  • 日本語字幕付き英語劇
  • 日本語字幕付き 英語劇
  • 1公演約135分
  • 1幕、2幕,3幕の間には10分ずつの休憩がございます。
  • 英語学習者中級者であれば、字幕なしでの観劇が可能
  • 団体様の優先席も承り中
  • 座席は全自由席

    Tickets available from TicketPia (online, Family Mart & 7-11) and Cast & Crew. Also available at Show Supporter IPE Academy in Imaike.



    Chikusa Playhouse•千種文化小劇場

    Nagoya-shi, Chikusa-ku, Chikusa 3-6-10
    ※Please use public transportation. Paid Parking at the theater is very limited.

    By Subway 3 minute walk from Fukiage Station, Sakuradori Line
    By City Bus get off at Okago

    TEL 052-745-6235 FAX 052-745-6236

    地下鉄桜通線「吹上」下車 7番出口より北へ徒歩3分


    Coming Soon…


    Matt D Smith, Director

    Matt Smith

    Matt D Smith was born in England and holds a BA in English Language with Medieval Literature and an MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the universities of Sheffield and Birmingham respectively. He has been living in Aichi prefecture since 2001 and is currently teaching at university level.

    He has had a life-long love of the performing arts and performed for many years as a musician. He first took to the stage as an actor in Nameless Theatre’s 2014 production of Much Ado About Nothing and has been continuously involved in Nagoya’s creative/educational community, both on and off the stage, since then.

    Matt will be performing in Our Town as STAGE MANAGER as well as assuming the role of Show Director.

    More Coming Soon…


    Thornton Wilder (1897-1975) is an American writer whose innovative novels and plays reflect his views of the universal truths in human nature.

    After graduating from Yale University in 1920, Wilder studied archaeology in Rome. From 1930 to 1937 he taught dramatic literature and the classics at the University of Chicago.

    Wilder’s plays engage the audience in make-believe by having the actors address the spectators directly and by discarding props and scenery. Wilder won a Pulitzer Prize for Our Town, becoming the only person to receive the award in both the fiction and drama categories.

    Frank Craven, Martha Scott and John Craven in the original Broadway production of Our Town (1938), winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama

    ソーントン・ワイルダー(Thornton Niven Wilder, 1897年4月17日 – 1975年12月7日)は、アメリカ合衆国の劇作家、小説家。アメリカ演劇史における代表的劇作家の1人とみなされている。

    ウィスコンシン州マディソンに生まれる。父親は新聞の編集者で、領事として香港、上海に赴任したため、1911年から12年まで、中国でイギリス系とドイツ系のミッションスクールに通った。のちアメリカのイェール大学に進学し、さらに考古学の勉強のためローマのアメリカン・アカデミーに留学した。学業を終えてからは、ニュージャージー州のローレンスヒルでフランス語の教師になっている。(from Wikipedia)


    Coming Soon…


    Word of mouth contributes hugely to the success of our shows. Please feel free to download the show’s flyer and share with friends and family on social media.

    If you’re a media outlet and interested in covering Our Town or any other Nagoya Player’s production please download our press kit for more information.



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