Book Review by NikoNiko Sensei: Aesop’s Fables•「イソップ物語」

NikoNiko Sensei (ニコニコ先生) just posted a review of our Aesop’s Fables Easy Bilingual Reader •「イソップ物語」やさしいバイリンガル読本!

NikoNiko Sensei runs a very interesting YouTube channel for Japanese language learners. We were fascinated by his approach to language acquisition. He’s made several videos explaining how he uses materials like Japanese video games and children’s books to build up his comprehension and increase his language input.

He has a lot of great advice for Japanese learners ‘hitting the wall’ and how to overcome the doldrums of language study.

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Available on Amazon:
Aesop’s Fables Easy Bilingual Reader •「イソップ物語」やさしいバイリンガル読本!

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