Book Review by Maria the Millennial: Aesop’s Fables•「イソップ物語」

Today we have a book review from Maria The Millennial for NP’s Aesop’s Fables Easy Bilingual Reader •「イソップ物語」やさしいバイリンガル読本!

Maria speaks multiple languages (English, Russian, and Dutch) and is a passionate language-learner. Her YouTube channel features several great videos about her study process and how she acquires languages.

Maria is currently an intermediate Japanese speaker and gave a very insightful review from that perspective. Please give the video a watch. And remember to Like and Subscribe to Maria The Millennial for future language learning advice.

Available on Amazon:
Aesop’s Fables Easy Bilingual Reader •「イソップ物語」やさしいバイリンガル読本!

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