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NPJ Showcase 2022 冬 Wrap Up


What an amazing way to end the year! The NPJ Showcase 2022 – Winter was a highlight of a very busy theater season.

NPJ Showcase 2022: Original Cast Recording

We are so excited to announce that Nagoya Players Junior Showcase 2022: Original Cast Recording is now available for download and streaming!

2022年には春『Rainbow Connections:The Land of Kindness』と冬『A Day in the Life of Boogy』と2回公演を実現し、その2つの舞台からのオリジナル・ミュージックがアルバムとなりました。

Our Town in B&W

Geof Griggs has prepared a selection of photos from Our Town and treated them in Black & White for all the photography fans out there.

Our Town•「わが町」Wrap Up

When we started pre-production for Our Town in 2019 I don’t think anyone on the team could have imagined it would take nearly three years to get it to stage.


こども食堂 QChan


Nagoya Players and Nagoya Players Junior are not-for-profit, community groups. We are always looking for ways to give back to the community that has supported us.
We are happy to announce that we have made a donation of ¥100,000 to こども食堂 QChan.

Theater on the Rock

Are you interested in performing in Japan? Are you an actor, dancer, singer, musician or designer? Looking for other creatives to work with? Well, we’ve got an event just for you:)