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Nagoya Players Junior is proud to announce our participation in みんなで育む子どもの未来フェスティバル (The Festival for the Nurturing of Our Children’s Future).

Nagoya Players Junior Showcase 2022

名古屋プレイヤーズJr.企画「英語で〇〇」シリーズは演劇、ダンス、歌、マジックのワークショップを開催し、多くの方に支持を頂いて来ました。ワークショップに参加した子供達が体感しながら英語を学び、恒例の舞台「Showcase」 に出演します。

Our series of performance based workshops have been popular with both children and adults. We have Acting, Dancing, Singing, Magic workshops and more. Children enrolled in the workshops will learn a performance skill in an immersive English environment. At the end of each program children will then be ready to perform on stage at our annual Showcase.

The Zoo: Bilingual Picture Book•「動物園」バイリンガル絵本


We’re very excited to announce our new language-study material for learners of English and/or Japanese:

The Zoo: Bilingual Picture Book•「動物園」バイリンガル絵本

Rainbow Connections ミニ•ミュージカル


For NP Junior’s next Charity Showcase we’d like to feature a mini-musical. The musical will be written, directed and choreographed by Jeff Fritch. It is an original production titled Rainbow Connections.

‘The Zoo’ Read Aloud Picture Book

英語で落語「The Zoo」は2020年公演した名古屋プレイヤーズ企画舞台「チャリティショーケース」で太田博之氏が演じたものです。主人公タロウが動物園でアルバイトをする様子を滑稽でユーモアたっぷりに描写しています。

The Zoo was originally performed by Hiroyuki Ota as part of Nagoya Players’ Charity Showcase 2020. It is a fast and fun story about Taro and his misadventures at the local zoo. There’s a surprise twist at the end we’re sure you’re going to enjoy!

The Gift of the Magi•「賢者の贈り物」Second Edition



We’re very excited to announce the re-release of our The Gift of the Magi Bilingual Picture Book.

As a special thank you to all of our supporters and fans the book will be available for FREE on This is a limited time offer. The campaign runs from Thursday Dec 10 to Monday Dec 14. Please get your free copy!

チャリティー・ショーケース•Charity Showcase 2020

Nagoya Players Junior is proud to present our first in a series of annual variety-act showcases designed for children.

Postponed•延期 Mirai Fes 2020

We’d like to announce the postponement of Mirai Fes 2020. The event organizers are now planning to hold the event in March 2021.