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This July, 4-5, 2020 Nagoya Players will be bringing the original English language production of Thornton Wilder’s Our Town to Chikusa Playhouse in Nagoya City.

Our Town has a long and fascinating history. It truly is an honor to put on such an important show for audiences in Japan.

Atsumi Yamamoto and Emily Meyer will be writing, reporting, photographing and discussing all the different parts needed to get Our Town ready for stage. The Welcome to Our Town Blog will give you a behind the scenes look and provide unique insights into the world of theater production. Please read the blog and follow along as we build the show and refine the performance.

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STAGE MANAGER•ステージマネージャー


The theme of the blog today is…STAGE MANAGER!! He manages Our Town on stage of course…but have you ever met a character like STAGE MANAGER who expresses what will happen next or who he/she is on stage??

Thornton Wilder•ソーントン・ワイルダー


It is my great pleasure to give you an exciting announcement about Our Town and Nagoya Players today. Nagoya Players’ Our Town Cast & Crew has finally reunited and restarted the production. We’re getting ready to perform on June 12-13, 2021!! I am also back with the production and so excited to tell you a lot more interesting and useful information about the show through the blog!!

Production History in Japan•『わが町』日本における上演の歴史

Let’s talk about the history of Our Town and its themes! Our Town is performed in three acts and each act has a theme. Life for the first act, Love for the second act and Death for the third act.


それにしても!! ナゴヤプレーヤーズ、アメリカ現代演劇の有名な作品と言われるものを、過去に結構たくさん上演してますね!!
Nagoya Players has performed a lot of popular and beloved shows in our long history…