Jukebox Paradise

8 Performances on November 26, 27 & December 3, 4

Jukebox Flyer

Jukebox Paradise Flyer

Set in a teen malt shop in Hilo, Hawaii during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, Phil and his younger brother, Stevie, encounter a new world where dreams of love and rock and roll stardom are possible . . . for a price.  As Stevie struggles to make his dreams come true, Phil discovers love with the mysterious girl from the jukebox.  How much is Stevie willing to pay for his chance at stardom and how much is Phil willing to risk for love?

Jukebox Paradise is an original musical dreamt up by Nagoya resident, educator and musician Brian Cullen, written by Gary Beaubeouf and directed by Steve Pottinger. Both Nagoya Players and KPB Theatre are co-producing the show with performances by returning Nagoya Players actors Louis Yonathan (Anger), Dan Pousson (Psychic, The Club, Anger) and Joe Sichi (Unglued), and crew support from translator Kanako Endo (The Club) and Ashley James (The Club, Anger) as assistant director.

Shows are twice a day on November 26th, 27th, December 3rd and 4th at the Chikusa Playhouse. Please contact us for advance tickets, or purchase online at Ticket Pia using code 451-165. Japanese subtitles will be shown throughout the performance.

Louis Yonathan

Louis Yonathan

Dan Brown

Dan Pousson