Aesop Storytime

English Education Initiative (EEI)

Nagoya Players’ English Education Initiative (EEI) has been developed to encourage a life-long love of language study in the residents of Nagoya. From youth to adults we are creating materials and organizing events that will aid learners in their pursuit of mastering the English language. And have fun at the same time!

We firmly believe that early exposure to English is a key indicator for future success. Children who develop foreign language skills early in life routinely show improved performance at school and gain access to better career opportunities. So with each Nagoya Players’ show we also organize ‘Kids’, ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Advance’ English programs to encourage everyone to further pursue their studies.

If you’re a school, business or organization interested in hosting an Aesop Storytime workshop please download our information sheet for more details.
Aesop Storytime Info Sheet English

EEI ( ナゴヤ・プレイヤーズ英語教育研究会)では英語習得を目指しているの方々が楽しみながら英語をマスターできるようサポート活動しています。




Check out the photos from our first Aesop Storytime Kids Workshop at IPE Academy in Imaike.