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In Loving Memory of John Ahern

It is with a heavy heart that I share the news of John Ahern’s passing. ‘Big John’, as he was very affectionately known, was a physical force to be certain. But all I saw, every time I saw him, was a gigantic heart.

Audition Photography Workshop Wrap Up

日本語訳は英語訳の後に続きます。 Our first Audition Photography Workshop was an interesting and informative session hosted by the team of George Van Horn, John Ahern and Geof Griggs. We had an interesting mix of participants from children, to university students, to working adults…

Audition Photography Workshop

Audition Photography If you’re interested in pursuing acting and/or modeling as a career, or even as a hobby, strong photography is a must. Headshots and portraiture are often the first and only things a talent agent or casting director will…

即興劇 ワークショップ 写真ギャラリー

先日開催されましたImprov Workshop にご参加いただきありがとうございました。様々なゲームやアクティビティを通してダリアンとジョンに楽しく指導していただけました。とてもエネルギッシュで有意義な1日でたくさんの笑いと思い出が作れました。

Improv Workshop Photo Gallery

Thanks to everyone who participated in Nagoya Players’ Improv Workshop. Darian and John did a fantastic job leading our improv actors through a series of games and exercises. It was a high energy day with people literally bouncing off the…