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チャリティー・ショーケース•Charity Showcase 2020

Nagoya Players Junior is proud to present our first in a series of annual variety-act showcases designed for children.

Act In English ワークショップ


Family Doodle Art!ドゥ―ドルアート

日本語訳は英語訳の後に続きます The next generation of artists are showing a lot of promise! Aesop’s Fables cast member Naudia Patterson lead this group of young Picasso’s through the process of making their own Doodle Art. Naudia started the workshop with some dramatic…

Family Doodle Art! ドゥ―ドルアート

WHAT TO EXPECT ドゥ―ドルアートを楽しもう! Doodle Art is an easy-to-learn form for artists and non-artists alike. Doodle Art lets us turn simple strokes into “seemingly” complicated patterns and fascinating works of art. Artistic skills aren’t a requirement for this workshop! You’ll…

Aesop Storytime at IPE Academy

日本語訳は英語訳の後に続きます。 “Heeee Haaaaw! Oh, that was great fun!” Our first Aesop Storytime Kids Workshop was a blast! These little guys were amazing. So smart and very quick learners. Cast member Naudia read to the children and imparted some very valuable…

Aesop Storytime/イソップ物語ワークショップ

English Education Initiative (EEI) Nagoya Players’ English Education Initiative (EEI) has been developed to encourage a life-long love of language study in the residents of Nagoya. From youth to adults we are creating materials and organizing events that will aid…