We’ve done many workshops leading up to Aesop’s Fables, but this one was especially cool. The students at Xlingual along with members of the show got together for an evening of learning, interesting conversation and lots of drinks!


Shawn Mahler, director of Aesop’s Fables, kicked off the event by giving the participants an Aesop Quiz. There were a few lucky guesses but sadly no perfect scores. Mr. Mahler then began the night’s presentation with a look at the history of Aesop and the origins of the fables.


Participants learned what makes a fable different from a story and what makes a moral important. We had a lively discussion about morality and how morals from ancient times are still relevant today.


After a quick wine and cheese break participants returned for the second half of the night’s activities. The session started with a more in-depth discussion of the fables. We learned who used them and why. Participants were taught new and useful vocabulary to help them with the discussion. We focused our conversation on the topic of Power. The true meaning of the fables is about how power works in society. We discovered what it means to be Powerful and Powerless and how these ideas can apply to Japanese society.


We ended the night with some very entertaining original fables. Armed with new knowledge and many alcoholic beverages participants formed two storytelling teams. They were given instructions on how to create a fable with a moral. We heard the tale of The Beautiful Crane and the Lazy Boar and The Independent Bird and the Trapped Cat. There were some very creative minds at work and the fables had us all laughing.


This was the first of our workshops designed for adult English-learners. We were very happy to see so many people with varying language abilities get along and communicate with each other. Don’t be shy, the English at our events is very easy. Even if you’re a beginner you can participate. Please join us for our next workshop. You’ll learn a lot and have a good time too!


*原題Aesop’s Fablesは「イソップ寓話」と訳されますが、この劇ではより親しみやすい題名の「イソップ物語」を使っています。

And great news! Xlingual has been kind of enough to invite us back again for another event! Join us for the Aesop Party! April 6th, 19:00-21:00. Meet the Cast & Crew of Aesop’s Fables, drink, play games and talk about the show! It’ll be a lot of fun!


Aesop’s Fables
March 30-31
Chikusa Playhouse

Tickets available via TicketPia, P-Code 490-432

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