Aesop Storytime: Family Doodle Art!


The next generation of artists are showing a lot of promise! Aesop’s Fables cast member Naudia Patterson lead this group of young Picasso’s through the process of making their own Doodle Art.

Naudia started the workshop with some dramatic readings of the fables and then taught the group all the shapes they needed to use in English. The participants then tried creating their own unique patterns. The youngest kids struggled a bit with spatial recognition, but thankfully their wonderful mommies and daddies were there to guide them with a steady hand.

This was a really fun family-event and we love to see parents with their children doing activities together in English. Bringing families together is a huge motivation for Aesop’s Fables. We’re really looking forward to the big show and seeing all the happy, smiling faces in the theater!

英語劇「イソップ物語」のキャストのナディア・パターソンが子供ピカソたちにDoodle Art創作を指導してくれました。



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