Mr Joe’s ESL Magic Class

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It was an absolutely enchanting day at our ESL Magic Class.

Mr Joe wowed kids and parents with a fun and unique performance. There were magical eggs, a transforming handkerchief, shape changing ropes, card tricks and a live roll of toilet paper named Timmy!

After the performance Mr Joe and our lovely assistant Ellie handed out specially made kits. Each kit contained a set of tricks and tools for the kids to use. They learned how to levitate rings, how to make cards suddenly change suit, and how to pass a necklace chain through solid objects. The tricks were a bit challenging and took many tries but they were finally able to do them!

The next generation of magicians shows a lot of promise. We only spent an hour with them, but we can already see the spark for performance in their eyes. We can’t wait to see what new tricks they learn and amaze us with in the future!

More ESL Magic Classes are currently being planned. Please join us for the next one to learn even more secrets. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and sign up for our brand new Newsletter to get information and announcements about future workshops.

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