The Gift of the Magi•「賢者の贈り物」

The classic story of gift-giving and personal sacrifice by O. Henry has been adapted for stage and given a romantic and comical spin by playwright Jon Jory. The story centers on the young, poor couple of Della and Jim. Their love for each other is unquestionable and their only desire is to ensure the other’s happiness. Christmas is approaching and neither have enough money to buy a proper gift. Unbeknownst to each other, Della and Jim both make great personal sacrifices in order to procure the money needed. A special and memorable lesson is learned by all when they realize that the gift of love is more valuable than anything money can buy.



There will be a total of 4 performances:
Saturday, December 07th at 12:00 and 16:00
Sunday, December 08th at 12:00 and 16:00

  • Performed in English with Japanese Subtitles
  • Performances will be approximately 90 minutes in length.
  • The Gift of the Magi is appropriate for all ages.
  • Young children are welcome, but we ask they behave in the theater and avoid unnecessary disruption.
  • The English level is suitable for intermediate speakers and can be enjoyed without subtitles.
  • Priority seating available for large groups.
  • The show is free seating, please arrive early to get a good view of the subtitles and stage.

  • 2019年12月7日(土曜日)8日(日曜日)
    12:00と16:00 全4回公演

  • 日本語字幕付き英語劇
  • 日本語字幕付き 英語劇
  • 1公演約90分
  • 子供から大人までどなたでも
  • 幼児の方も観劇可能(但し、他のお客様のご迷惑のならぬよう要配慮)
  • 英語学習者中級者であれば、字幕なしでの観劇が可能
  • 団体様の優先席も承り中
  • 座席は全自由席

    Click Here to Buy Online

    Tickets available from TicketPia (online, Family Mart & 7-11) and Cast & Crew. Also available at Show Supporter IPE Academy in Imaike.


    P-Code 495-574 Starting August 1st

    Pコード 495-574 8月1日以降の購入

    If you’d like to pay via bank transfer please email with your ticket request.



    Higashi Playhouse
    Nagoya, Higashi-ku, Daiko Minami-cho, 1-1-10




    Amy Braun
    Masa Wood
    Hirotaka Tsukamoto
    Amanda Rae Neumann
    Jeramae Bongcac Narca
    Becky Keenan-Barralle
    Megumi Sato
    Thais Sayuri
    Emily Bailey
    Rintaro Tsuchida
    Nikichi Tsuchida
    Mika Funahashi
    Maiko Kawai
    Shawnna Hunter


    Valeriya Takazato
    Chiharu Sakamoto
    Angeline Lagedamon
    Megumi Sato
    Thais Sayuri
    Emily Bailey


    Naudia Patterson
    Shino Ono
    Emily Bailey


    Robert Beatty
    Jeff Fritch


    Jeffery Fritch, Choreographer
    Robert Beatty, Music Director
    Shawnna Hunter, Choir Leader
    Ritsuko Shiraki, Lighting
    Cheyenne Shrader, Lighting
    Allan Van Der, Set Design
    Yoko Kawai, Set Design
    Tomokazu Nemoto, Set Design
    Henry Young, Set Builder
    Michael Hoare, Set Builder
    Chiyoko Uchiyama, Costume
    Wayne Wilson, Artwork
    Mami Ito Delaney, Graphic Design
    Kagari Takahashi, Translation
    Geof Griggs, Photographer
    John Ahern, Outreach
    Akane Springday, Outreach
    Yoshiko Matsushima, Production Manager
    Shawn Mahler, Director


    Nagoya Players is very excited (and a bit nervous) to announce an ambitious new project. We have launched our first ever crowdfunding project on



    IPE Academy and Nagoya Players are very proud to announce a collaborative project to help children with their English and give them an introduction to stage performance.

    Nagoya Players’ Actress & Singer, Denise Hewitt, will lead students through a 12 lesson course. The workshop will start with an introduction to English phonics and pronunciation. Students will then begin training in singing basics and learn how to properly breath, sing in key, and harmonize.

    Students will conclude the workshop by mastering a rendition of the classic Christmas carol, Up on the Housetop. Children who successfully complete the workshop will then have the opportunity to sing live on stage during a performance of Nagoya Players’ The Gift of the Magi, December 7-8, 2019 at Higashi Playhouse.


    Denise Hewitt先生が正しい英語の音の出し方から、息継ぎの仕方、歌い方など基礎から指導します。このワークショップで練習した英語の歌は2019年12月7日(土)8日(日)東文化小劇場にて公演予定英語劇「賢者の贈り物」の舞台で披露する予定です(希望者のみでも大丈夫)曲目はクリスマス定番曲「Up on the Housetop」



    Word of mouth contributes hugely to the success of our shows. Please feel free to download the show’s flyer and share with friends and family on social media.


    If you’re a media outlet and interested in covering The Gift of the Magi or any other Nagoya Player’s production please download our press kit for more information.


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