It all began in a garden in 1975. A gathering of professors and dramatists met one fateful afternoon to form Nagoya’s first English-language theater group, Nagoya Players. Perhaps none of them could have envisioned that sunny day the group would go on to perform numerous productions and have hundreds of artists and creators come through its doors.

Nagoya Players was born out of a need and desire for English theater in Aichi. Stageplay is one of the oldest and purest forms of performance. It is a demanding medium but a powerful one. Japan’s legacy of theater and performing arts is strong and vibrant. We are honored that our English-language shows have become a valued contribution for our local community.

Being based in Japan, however, presents a few hurdles for an English speaking group. And so, we’ve had to become more than just performers. We are also educators with the majority of our membership throughout the years being professional teachers and language instructors. With each of our shows we promote language-education side by side with arts-education. These two areas have historically been underserved in Japan and so we have taken on the challenge of increasing awareness and participation.

To date Nagoya Players has produced over 80 shows ranging in scale from the classics to the modern. Shakespeare, musicals, originals, fringe, black box, family and kids shows are all part of our repertoire. We love theater in all forms and are open to producing any show that brings entertainment and value to the residents of Nagoya.

We are a learning theater and no experience is necessary to join. Our veteran members are happy to teach and guide the next generation of artists. It is our mission to pass on our knowledge and expertise so that Nagoya may always have an English-language community theater to enjoy.

Please email us if you’d like to become a member NagoyaPlayers@gmail.com.