Acting Basics Workshop


Veteran of stage, television, and film, Ana Valdes Lim, will be conducting a 10-session workshop to help beginner~intermediate actors improve their fundamentals and enhance performance. The workshop has been designed with a focus on progression. Early sessions will introduce fundamental exercises that will prepare participants for more intense training later on.

The workshop will be divided into 2 courses. Course #1 will be 4 sessions from Sept~Oct and will focus on introductory skills. Course #2 will be 6 sessions from Nov~Dec and will build upon the skills learned in Course #1. Course #2 will focus on the study and delivery of dialogue and scene work. We encourage participants to sign up and commit to completing both courses in order to maximize their learning experience.

Sessions will be conducted in easy-to-understand English. The workshop will be highly physical. Participants will learn to express themselves through their bodies and voices. Participants will be expected to fully participate in all physical and vocal exercises.

The workshop will encompass rehearsal and performance techniques such as movement, physical expression, body readiness, improvisation, monologue, screen testing, auditioning, and at-home preparation.

At the end of the workshop, a limited-viewing presentation of select monologues or scenes will be performed by the participants.

This workshop will be a good opportunity for both students of the performing arts as well as English-language learners. The Courses have been designed to ease participants into the activities and then guide them toward progressing their skill sets.


舞台、テレビ、映像分野で活躍中のアナ ヴァルデス リム先生による演技の基礎を伝授するワークショップのお知らせです。初級から中級者の方々を対象に全10回で基礎固めと演技力向上を目指します。コース前半には基礎づくりのための演技演習を中心に、後半にはより高い演技力を引き出して行きます。






Ana Valdes Lim has over 40 years of experience acting and coaching actors for stage, TV, and film. She holds degrees in Theater from The Juilliard School, in Education from the University of Hawaii, and in Arts Management from the Asian Institute of Management. She is also the author of four books on acting.

アナ ヴァルデス リム先生は40年以上に渡り、舞台、テレビ、映像などの出演者に演技指導をしています。世界的に有名なアメリカ・ジュリアードで演劇を学び、ハワイ大学で教育学を専攻し、アジア経営専門学校で芸術マネージメントを習得し、演技に関する本を4冊出版しています。


Course #1: Acting, Storytelling, Language
SunSep 1715:30-18:30Session 1Intro to Acting
SunSep 2415:30-18:30Session 2Intro to Storytelling
SunOct 0115:30-18:30Session 3Intro to Language
SunOct 0815:30-18:30Session 4Language pt. 2
Course #2: Dialogue, Scenes, Monologues
SunNov 0515:30-18:30Session 1Intro to Dialogue
SunNov 1215:30-18:30Session 2Intro to Scenes
SunNov 19*16:00-19:00Session 3Intro to Auditioning
SunNov 2615:30-18:30Session 4Monologues & Acting Solo
SunDec 1015:30-18:30Session 5Rehearsal & Practice
SunDec 1715:30-18:30Session 6Presentation Day
  • Sessions will be approximately 3-hours in length and scheduled on Sundays from 15:30-18:30 at Uchiyama Community Center in Imaike.
  • No make-up sessions. Full attendance is expected.
  • Minimum number of 8 participants will be needed to start the workshop.


CourseSessionsParticipation Fee
Course #14 Sessions8,000円
Course #26 Sessions12,000円
  • 2000円 per session, 3-hours per session.
  • Fees for each Course are to be paid in full before the start of the Course.
  • Fees are non-refundable.
  • 1回2000円(3時間)x10回を2回に分けて納入いただきます。
  • 1回目( 9月17日4回分 8000円納入)
  • 2回目(11月05日6回分12000円納入)
  • 欠席時の返金はございません。


Space is limited. Please sign up early to ensure you spot in the workshop.


    Uchiyama Community Center•内山コミュニティセンター
    1 Chome-4-15 Uchiyama, Chikusa Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 464-0075


    Please dress comfortably in exercise clothing that would be suitable for yoga or fitness workouts. No high heels, dresses, or leather shoes. Bare feet or rubber soles are preferred.