Nagoya Players Junior Showcase 2022

名古屋プレイヤーズJr.企画「英語で〇〇」シリーズは演劇、ダンス、歌、マジックのワークショップを開催し、多くの方に支持を頂いて来ました。ワークショップに参加した子供達が体感しながら英語を学び、恒例の舞台「Showcase」 に出演します。

Our series of performance based workshops have been popular with both children and adults. We have Acting, Dancing, Singing, Magic workshops and more. Children enrolled in the workshops will learn a performance skill in an immersive English environment. At the end of each program children will then be ready to perform on stage at our annual Showcase.


「Rainbow Connections: The Land of Kindness」

ミニ・ミュージカル「レインボー・コネクションズ」は名古屋プレイヤーズJr.企画「Act in English」の参加者が出演します。主人公のサニーとリリーは自分勝手な女の子。人に親切にすることの大切さを学ぶために2人は不思議な旅に出かけます。このオリジナル作品の音楽、ダンス、歌はすべて英語で演じます。

Journey to Rainbow Connections with the cast of NP Junior’s Act in English Workshop. Sunny and Lily are very naughty children and need to learn the importance of being kind. They go on a magical adventure with many hijinks. Original music, dance and song all performed in English by our Junior performers! Written and Directed by Jeff Fritch, Music by Ben Dorman, Vocals by Aya Kawakami.

Tap Dance 

Jeff Fritch氏はコミカルなプロダンサー。特にタップダンスが専門分野で彼が率いるダンスチームは観客の皆さんも巻き込み、楽しいショーを披露し、「Showcase」の舞台を盛り上げてくれます。一緒にダンスを楽しみたい方はステージの近くにお集まりください。

Professional Dancer Jeff Fritch is known for his wacky and fun dance routines. He’s a tap dance specialist and his team will perform an interactive show with the audience during the Showcase. Sit up close if you wanna learn some fancy dance moves!

ESL Magic

毎回大好評のESL Magicショー。マジック・ジョー氏のカバンから次から次へとトリックが出て来ます。ワクワク・ドキドキしながら大人も子供も釘付け。楽しみながら英語が体感できます。

ESL Magic is an audience favorite. Magic Joe’s bag of tricks is endless. Magic is a great way to inspire and excite children. ESL Magic is a fun combination of entertainment, language-learning and mystery!

「Tasty Cheese」

落語家の太田氏は今回は新しい演目を披露します。『Tasty Cheese/美味しいチーズ』は古典落語「ちりとてちん」を子供向けに簡単でシンプルな英語に脚色しました。日本文化を英語で体感できるユニークな英語学習メソッドをお楽しみください。

Rakugo Performer Mr. Ota returns with a brand new story for this year’s Showcase. Tasty Cheese is an adaptation of the traditional rakugo story 「ちりとてちん」(chiri tote chin). This new version has been designed for children with simple and easy English. It’s a great way to listen, watch and learn English!


日時 2022年 1回公演約90分 全3回公演

02月19日土曜日 ① 17:00~18:30
02月20日日曜日 ② 11:00~12:30  ③ 14:00~15:30



There will be a total of 3 performances:
Saturday, Feb 19th: 17:00-18:30
Sunday, Feb 20th: 11:00-12:30, 14:00-15:30

  1. Performed in English, level appropriate for children and beginners.
  2. Performances will be approximately 90 minutes in length.
  3. Nagoya Players Junior Showcase is family-friendly and appropriate for all ages.
  4. The show is free seating, please arrive early to get a good view of the stage.

*Seating for these shows is extremely limited and in compliance with COVID-19 safety regulations. It is highly recommended you RSVP early. We are expecting to reach maximum capacity for each show.


予約席 1000円 (全席自由席)

当日席 1500円

Advanced ¥1000 per person (*Child, Student, Adult & Senior)
Door ¥1500

  1. *Children under 3 are not permitted.
  2. Participation Fees can be paid for in advance at IPE Academy in Imaike or via *Bank Transfer.
  3. Payment is due 1 week after RSVP.
  4. *Nagoya Players is not responsible for additional bank fees.
  5. Advance payment ends on Thursday, Feb. 17th 2022.
  6. The deadline for cancellations and changes is also Thursday, Feb. 17th 2022.


名古屋市青少年交流プラザ ユースクエア

※金城橋交差点南 黒川沿い
※地下鉄名城線「名城公園駅」下車 1番出口北東へ約500m

Youth Square
3-6-8 Yanagihara, Kita-ku, Nagoya



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    スポンサー•SHOW SPONSOR

    創業40年英会話教室IPEアカデミーは0歳からご年配の方まで幅広い年齢の方が楽しく英語が学べるコースを取り揃えています。通常の英会話クラスに加えて、子供達には英語を使って音楽、アート、演技、歌など芸術を体感しながら英語に触れ合うことができるようにクラスを設けています。そのコースの一つ、Act in English の生徒さんが名古屋プレイヤーズとの共同企画チャリティーショーに出演します


    We are very grateful to IPE Academy for being our Show Sponsor for the 2022 Showcase. IPE has been a long time supporter of the Nagoya Players and instrumental in helping us create our NP Junior series of workshops and programs for children.

    IPE Academy is one of the oldest privately owned Eikawa in Nagoya. They teach all levels from children to adults. IPE offers a unique curriculum of Art+English and Music+English for Japanese children. They also cater to the Japanese-language learning community and have helped many students pass the JLPT.

    For more information about IPE Academy please visit their website:



    We will be collecting donations at the show to send to local charities in Aichi. Nagoya Players has reached out to local orphanages who have expressed interest in working with us and could benefit from more funding. We are open to charities of all kinds and hope to raise enough money from these shows to make an impactful donation to organizations in need.