Nagoya Players presents Untolled

(日本語は英語に続く) Nagoya Players’ first non-musical musical, Untolled, successfully completed its weekend run. It was a challenging but delightful experience. Untolled certainly did not have the glitz and glamor of a Broadway show, but it did have a ton of heart and was performed with passion and sincerity, which made it both entertaining and memorable.

Untolled was a show overflowing with creativity and originality, perhaps maybe too much so. The cast’s dedication to executing writer and director Joe Sichi’s vision was admirable. Everyone poured their hearts into this production, and their passion shone through on stage.

The non-musical musical format is a new invention, and it was in some ways a breath of fresh air. While the story’s plot might have been a bit perplexing, the overall concept was engaging. The music was infectious, with catchy melodies and clever lyrics. The combination of live musicians on stage and characters transforming into singers was charming.

One of the more extraordinary aspects of this production was the international community that was formed. Untolled brought together voices from all over the world—from Indonesia, the USA, England, Japan, Russia, the Philippines, Australia, and Brazil. It was inspiring to watch all these people of different backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles come together and bring the show to life.

Untolled may not have had the budget or resources of a Broadway production, but it had something even more valuable: heart. The passion, creativity, and dedication of the cast and crew were evident throughout. It was a memorable experience and a great example of the power of community theater.

Nagoya Players presents Untolled






役者たちは、演出家で共演者でもあるJoe Sichiのビジョンを再現しようと努力した。




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