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Thank you for visiting our Study Aesop page! Nagoya Players designs many of it’s shows with English language education in mind. Aesop’s Fables is our latest offering and is a fantastic event for English learners of all ages and levels to join.


Aesop Reading & Vocabulary Storybook

Download Aesop Reading & Vocabulary Storybook

Our Aesop Storybook is an excellent way for English learners to familiarize themselves with the fables and learn important vocabulary and phrases before the show. The stories range in difficulty from Eiken grade 3~4 approximately. We really want to encourage Junior High School, High School, and University students to watch the show and so we have tailored this material accordingly with appropriate grammar and vocabulary. Eikaiwa students and English circles can also use this material. It can be assigned as additional homework or instructors can even design lessons around the stories.

イソップ物語 読解と語彙
劇に登場する5つのお話は制作ディレクター、ショーン マーラーがわかりやすくなるよう書き直しました。イソップ物語ガイドを観劇の前にご覧になり、ストーリーや語彙を予習することにより、より観劇を英語で楽しんでいただけます。 ストーリーは英検3〜4級レベルに書き換えられています。中学生から大学生の学生の方々に向けて語彙や文法がわかりやすくしてあります。英会話教室や英語サークルの生徒さんにご利用いただけます。この教材を利用してクラス指導や宿題にすることもできます。

Aesop Storybook Audio

As a companion to our Aesop Storybook, cast members Denise Hewitt, Naudia Patterson and Amy Braun read the fables in classic storytelling style. Nagoya Players’ Music Director Robert Beatty also provides some original background music inspired by the tales while you listen!


Aesop Storybook Playlist

Also available on our YouTube Channel
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