‘Untolled’ Open Auditions

The Nagoya Players invite you to audition for our 2023 production of the light comedy, Untolled.


Untolled is an original play written by Joe Sichi. The plot centers on a theater troupe attempting to put on Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams, the Director’s favorite playwright. The production is thrown into turmoil by societal, generational, group dynamic, personal and personnel problems. Can they pull this off?

Untolled is a light comedy and a “non-musical, musical”. The latter will be explained at auditions.


Auditions will be held in-person, Sunday, November 27 at IPE Academy in Imaike. Please RSVP via the form on our website. Auditions typically take between 20~30 minutes. Audition materials will be provided beforehand.

Untolled is tentatively scheduled to take stage Fall 2023. Rehearsals will be in-person at Uchiyama Community Center in Imaike on Sundays.


There are many roles and we welcome those with acting experience and those without. Brief descriptions are below and you can ask to audition for particular roles. We may also ask you to read a second or third choice.


MIKEMaleDirecting a Revival of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Both he and his shows have problems.
MARYFemaleMike’s long-time Assistant Director. If anyone can help pull this show off, it’s her. Bisexual. 
SIMON/SIMONANeutralSet and Lighting Director, Mike’s brother/sister with an agenda of their own. Gay male/Lesbian female.
HELENAFemaleThe Stage Manager. Powerful and attractive, in a different way.
PHILIPMaleActor. If this play has a diva, it’s Phillip. Gay male.
ERWINMaleActor. Quiet, taciturn, will hold his ground. Gay male.


PILOTMaleThe play’s Financier. Very opinionated and a jerk.
AURANeutralActor, and a Cross-Dresser.
PROPSNeutralThe humorous Property Master.
THE BIG CHEESENeutralA Famous Actor, and a real card.
TIFFANYFemaleA Famous Singer and a bit of an Imposter in this crew.
BILLYMaleLeader of a Group protesting the production of the play. Gay male.
PROTESTORSNeutralMembers of the Group protesting the production of the play.



    IPE Academy

    〒464-0076 愛知県名古屋市千種区豊年町14−13