Nanjare Theater

Nanjare theater is an older building with seating on the floor, similar to bleacher seating. There is no elevator and you need to take your shoes off in the venue. If you prefer not to be in socks or bare feet, please bring indoor shoes/slippers. Shoes have to be taken off on the 2nd floor. There is only one toilet and it is Japanese style.


Nanjare Theater

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From Kamejima Station

We recommend you come to Nanjare Theater from from exit 4, Kamejima Station on the Higashiyama (yellow) Line. The theater is an 8 minute walk from Exit 4.  After exiting, turn left and then turn left again immediately at the first intersection you come to. There will be a “geo” something on the right. Go straight and turn right at the intersection with an Indian restaurant. There is a Lawson 100 yen store and the stairs to Nanajare Theater are to the right of that Lawson. The theater is on the 4th floor.
(Google Map Directions)

From Nagoya Station

The theater is 10 minutes walk from Nagoya Station on the Higashiyama (yellow) Line and Sakuradori (red) Line.
(Google Map Directions)

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