The Gift of the Magi Dancers


We put the Cabaret in Christmas!

The dancing team of Valeriya Takazato, Emily Bailey and Thais Sayuri have been working hard for the past few months on their specially choreographed routine by Show Choreographer Jeff Fritch for our next show, The Gift of the Magi.

It’s very tastefully done and appropriate for all ages. It’s just a bit of spice to add to your Christmas Holiday;)

But why stop with cabaret?! We also have a very fun Tap Dance featuring Chiharu Sakamoto and Angeline Lagedamon, also choreographed by Jeff.

We recently did a photo shoot with everyone in their fabulous costumes. Special thanks to Chiyoko Uchiyama from Halentino for accessorizing our lovely dancers!

Please check out the amazing photos by Geof Griggs!

This show has it all! Dancing, singing, music and acting! We’re getting pretty excited!!

Tickets still available from Cast, Crew and Show Supporter IPE Academy.
Also available online and at select convenience stores via TicketPia, P-Code 495-574.



ダンス振付け師ジェフ・フリッチ率いるダンスチーム ヴァレリア・タカザト、エミリー・ベイリー、タイース・サユリ3名は数ヶ月間少しづつ練習を積み重ねてきました。このトリオが披露するダンスは全ての年齢層の方に楽しんでいただけるよう振り付けされ、クリスマスを彩る素敵な1場面となりそうです!





または、オンライン及びチケットぴあ(P-Code 495-574)でもご購入いただけます。


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