‘Penny’s World of Dreams’ Auditions

About the Auditions





Every child who wants to be in the show will get a part. Large speaking parts will be given to the children who do the best during Auditions. We will then assign medium-size parts, these characters will have individual lines, but may not appear in every scene. After that, we will assign choral parts; these characters will not have individual lines, but are expected to speak as part of a group. Choral roles are parts for beginners and children who are shy speaking on stage.

Penny’s World of Dreams is a musical, so there will also be special parts for children who enjoy dancing and singing.

Auditions will take place on Saturday, May 20th, 16:30~17:55, Imaike Studio. Children will be expected to come prepared and to know the audition materials in advance. 

Auditions are optional, however, children who would like large and medium-size parts must audition. Children who prefer smaller or choral parts do not need to audition.