Acting Basics Workshop Wrap Up

(日本語は英語に続く) We recently wrapped NP’s Acting Basics Workshop, and we’re so impressed with the results. Over the course of 10 sessions, we were able to see remarkable improvement in body language, movement, delivery, voice control, stage presence, and more. Each of the participants reached new levels of ability and skill. Everyone had such a positive attitude and gave their best effort. It was a joy to get together on the weekends and see the progression. The camaraderie and supportive atmosphere were amazing.

Throughout the workshop, Acting Coach Ana Valdes Lim put each actor through a series of rigorous exercises, and her mentorship helped them hone their skills, gain confidence, and add versatility and depth to their roles. All this hard work culminated in a captivating showcase that highlighted their growth and talent. The audience observed a few of the exercises and received a brief explanation of the techniques and their purposes. We then moved onto scene work that demonstrated acting fundamentals, improvisation, character development, voice modulation, and emotional depth. We saw powerful monologues and intense dialogues, with each actor demonstrating their newfound abilities. The audience enjoyed several compelling performances filled with nuance, emotional depth, and strong characterization. It was remarkable watching each participant transform on stage, capturing the audience’s attention.

We have a busy 2024 season planned. Many of the participants from this workshop will be taking on roles in NP’s upcoming production of Romeo & Juliet (September 2024). We can’t wait to see how they will take the skills learned in the classroom and apply them to a live performance. We’re currently looking at how we can introduce more workshops and opportunities for actors in the near future. Please follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on new events and shows.



指導者 アナ ヴァルデス リム先生はワークショップの期間中、厳しい練習を課しました。彼女の育成方法は参加者の技術向上をはかりながら、自信をつけ台詞を多角的に深く理解したりと演技手法の骨となる土台を指導して下さいました。参加者は練習を積み重ねることで各々のパフォーマンスは最高潮に達し、最終日にはワークショップで学んだエクササイズやメソッド、そして、アクティング基礎のデモンストレーション、即興、役柄表現、声の使い方、感情移入などをショーケースとしてまとめ、ご家族ご友人などに披露しました。中でも力強いモノローグや激しいダイアログを演じることは参加者にとって初めての挑戦で新たなる学びでした。説得力のある演技や深い感情表現や個性的な役柄は観客の皆様を圧倒させたことと思います。