Announcing the Cast of “Romeo & Juliet”

Bruno Beltran as ROMEO and Tiara Beneragama as JULIET in William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet

(日本語は英語に続く) Nagoya Players is bringing to stage one of theater’s most famous and beloved plays, William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. Show Director, Ana Valdes Lim, has adapted the script for a more modern and faster-paced presentation of the classic work. This is not your grandparent’s Shakespeare. This new adaptation mixes a bit of the old with a bit of the new and achieves a great balance between modern sensibilities and what makes Shakespeare memorable. There is plenty of song, dance, and lively performance. Romeo & Juliet will be our only show for the 2024 season, and we’re dedicating all our resources and energy to making it an unforgettable experience for the audience.

Romeo & Juliet will be led by Ana Valdes Lim, who is coming off an incredibly strong performance as GRANDMA in Edward Albee’s The American Dream (2023). Ana also served as acting coach for NP’s Acting Basics Workshop, which has helped several of the upcoming R&J cast members hone their skills and level up their performance techniques.

Ana will be assisted by veteran NP Performer Valeriya Takazato. Over the past few productions, Valeriya has been appearing on stage as an actor, most recently as MARY in Joe Sichi’s original script Untolled (2023) and SAM CRIAG in Thornton Wilder’s Our Town (2022). She’ll now be moving backstage in the role of Assistant Director. And 

Valeriya will also choreograph a couple of dances for the show. She’s sooo talented:) We look forward to seeing her take on these new challenges.

Bruno Beltran is returning to stage as our suave and handsome hero, ROMEO. Bruno recently performed as SIMON in Untolled and before that as ART in Jon Jory’s The Gift of the Magi (2019). Playing alongside Bruno is newcomer Tiara Beneragama as JULIET. Tiara is a gem. She’s a picture-perfect Juliet, and we are so excited to see her take on the character.

NP’s dynamic duo of Atsumi Yamamoto and Emily Bailey is back again and ready to wow audiences. Atsumi is coming off exceptional performances as GRANDMA in The Sandbox (2023), MOMMY in The American Dream, and AURA in Untolled. Atsumi will next be playing NURSE in Romeo & Juliet. Emily also had a stellar 2023 as MRS BARKER in The American Dream, SHE in Counting the Ways (2023), and HELENA in Untolled. Emily will next be taking on everyone’s favorite sidekick, MERCUTIO.

Up-and-coming performers Richard Harris, Leoni, and Akihiko Shiokawa are making their return to stage after a successful run on Untolled. And we have several newcomers we’re excited to introduce: Nandini Shah, Dylan Bagwell, Tomoko Fukushima, Asumi Ida, Louise Dai, April Quietsch, Yoko Toki, Daven Solomon, Karuna Kokubu Vaness, Toshiko Kojima, and Kisa Kojima. The chemistry among the cast is strong, and everyone is showing great potential.

NP Choreographer Jeff Fritch has designed a series of intriguing and exciting dances for Romeo & Juliet that you won’t want to miss. Jeff is Show Director and Choreographer for the Nagoya Player’s Junior Showcase, so if you’ve seen any of those shows, then you know how fun they can be. Ben Dorman is our Musical Director for R&J. He’s a master of making catchy rhythms that get stuck in your head for days. He has created a lot of the music for the NPJ Showcase, and audiences instantly fall in love with his sound. For R&J, Ben has put together some very lovely ballads and dance pieces you’ll definitely enjoy.

We’re in the early days of production. Rehearsals have started, and pieces are being put into place. Romeo & Juliet is a big and exciting show filled with incredible talent and vision. Show dates are September 28-29, 2024, at Chikusa Playhouse. Please, don’t miss it! 

Tickets will go on sale later this spring/summer. Please follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and X) or sign up for our newsletter to receive updates about the show.

















初めて名古屋プレイヤーズに参加を決めてくださった出演者もたくさんいます。ナンディニ・シャー、ディラン・バグウェル、福島友子、井田 あすみ、ルイーズ・ダイ、エイプリル・クワイチ、土岐洋子、デイブン•ソロモンテー、慧 国分 べネス、こじまとしこ、こじまきさ。








2024年9月28日、29日 千種文化小劇場にて皆様にお会いできますことを楽しみにしています。