The General Union, Show Supporter


Nagoya Players is very proud to announce our newest Show Supporter for The Gift of the Magi, The General Union.

For many of us involved in language education in Japan organizations like The General Union serve a vital function in our community. The GU has been a staunch advocate for workers rights and benefits. We’ve all heard bizarre and terrifying stories of teachers not receiving pay or being unfairly treated at their workplace. When such conflicts occur The GU has risen to the occasion to help these teachers in their greatest time of need.

The General Union is a legally registered labour/trade union, part of the Japanese labour union movement, and are open to workers of any category or nationality. Since it was founded in 1991, The GU has established a solid reputation for protecting its members’ rights and improving their working conditions.

The GU is comprised of everyday workers who have joined together to protect our livelihoods and rights as workers. As a union, they provide members with advice on workplace issues, and actively help with negotiations in the workplace.

The General Union is part of a national private sector trade union known as the National Union of General Workers (Zenkoku-Ippan). And they belong to a confederation known as Zenrokyo (National Trade Union Council).

The GU has an ongoing enrollment for new members. It is highly recommended that new arrivals to Japan, especially those in the language-learning industry join. In these unstable times, the function of The GU has become increasingly more important. To this day The GU remains a valuable resource for knowledge and advice about labor policy in Japan.

To learn more about The General Union and to become a member please visit their website:








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