CAMPFIRE 絵本のプロジェクト

(CAMPFIRE Crowdfunding Campaign. English Below)



次回作「賢者の贈り物」の公演にあたり、子どもたちのために多言語の絵本を制作しました。私たちは資金を募ってこの本を出版し、出来上がった本を病院、孤児院、保育所、恵まれない子供たちの施設などに寄付したいと考えています。もしもこの本が恵まれない子どもたちに小さな喜びとやる気をプレゼントできるなら、こんなに 嬉しいことはありません。



名古屋プレイヤーズ芸術監督 ショーン・マーラー

Nagoya Players is very excited (and a bit nervous) to announce an ambitious new project.

We have launched our first ever crowdfunding project on

With every theatrical production we do, we also make companion materials to support language education and acquisition.

For our next show, The Gift of the Magi, we have developed a multilingual picture book for child learners. We’d like to find the funds to produce a psychical print run and then donate these copies to hospitals, orphanages, care-centers and charities that attend to children in need. It is our hope that the gift of these books brings a little joy and inspiration to children who may need it the most.

For detailed information about the project please visit our campaign page at:

Our theme for the 2019 season has been Accessibility & Inclusivity, with an emphasis on family-entertainment. We’ve focused especially on encouraging youth and children to participate in our shows. It’s been a wildly productive year thus far. We hope to continue building on this momentum with projects such as this. If our CAMPFIRE project proves successful, you can expect more and better companion materials for future productions. Please help us by supporting the campaign. Each backer gets us closer to our goal of providing physical copies of the books to those children in need.

Shawn Mahler, Artistic Director Nagoya Players

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