The Gift of the Magi Wrap Up


The Gift of the Magi will be remembered as one of the greatest shows in Nagoya Players’ long and storied history. Never before had we gathered such an amazing collection of diverse talent. From actors to singers to musicians to dancers, it was a star-studded affair. Behind the scenes we also had our production teams working diligently on a fantastic set, costume and lighting design. The weekend was filled with energetic audiences that laughed and cried their way through four heartfelt performances. We couldn’t have wished for a better show. Everything came together perfectly.

Show Photographer Geof Griggs was on hand to document this unique production. Geof’s photos beautifully capture the pageantry we put on stage. These photos make us very happy and very sad at the same time. We accomplished many great feats on The Gift of the Magi, yet it felt like it was over all too soon. There is only one thing I believe we could do to make the show even better, and that is to bring everyone back and do it again;)

We can’t thank Geof enough for working with us and helping us preserve our history. If you’re in need of professional photography Geof is flexible and available. Please check out his website:

Enjoy the photos and share with us your special memories of the show!

Shawn Mahler, Artistic Director Nagoya Players




総監督 ショーン・マーラー

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