The Zoo: Bilingual Picture Book•「動物園」バイリンガル絵本

(English Below)

英語で落語「The Zoo」は2020年公演・名古屋プレイヤーズ企画舞台「チャリティショーケース」で太田博之氏が演じたものです。主人公タロウが動物園でアルバイトをする様子を滑稽でユーモアたっぷりに描写しています。



英語教育の重要性がますます高まる中、一人でも多くの子供達が英語に触れ、絵本や演劇を通して楽しく英語が学ぶのにこのバイリンガル絵本「The Zoo」がお役に立てるのを願っています。

We’re very excited to announce our new language-study material for learners of English and/or Japanese: 

The Zoo: Bilingual Picture Book•「動物園」バイリンガル絵本

The Zoo was originally performed by Hiroyuki Ota as part of Nagoya Players’ Charity Showcase 2020. It is a fast and fun story about Taro and his misadventures at the local zoo. There’s a surprise twist at the end we’re sure you’re going to enjoy!

The Zoo is Illustrated by artist and actress Emily Bailey. She also prepared the Japanese translation, as well as the English adaptation into Picture Book format.

The bilingual text found in this book has been added for the benefit of Japanese children who are learning English. If needed, it is a quick and easy reference for parents and adults to explain the story to children in their native language.

The need for English education around the world is ever-increasing. We have developed our The Zoo Bilingual Picture Book in order to reach and motivate as many children as possible. We want them to experience the joy of language learning through reading and performance!

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