Penny’s World of Dreams: Original Cast Recording

(日本語は英語に続く) We are so excited to announce that Penny’s World of Dreams: Original Cast Recording is now available for download and streaming!

This year’s musical is the largest we’ve ever done with our Nagoya Players Junior troupes. The kids in the program have taken on many challenges and have reached new levels in their acting, dancing, and singing skills. This album captures a lot of the energy and joy that went into making this production, and we couldn’t be any happier with the results.

NPJ Music Composer Ben Dorman and Lyricist Jeff Fritch have once again done a masterful job creating the lyrics and music. And special thanks to Ayako Hara for providing the kids with excellent vocal coaching, and Aya Kawakami for lending us her beautiful vocals.

You can show your support for the performers and musicians by downloading and streaming the songs on your music platform of choice. The album is currently available on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and many other platforms.

Thank you again to all our amazing theater fans! The NPJ Showcase will be back in 2024 with another set of family-friendly, fantastic shows.



今回の作品も再びベン ドーマン氏が作曲、ジェフ フリッチ氏が作詞を担当。リズミカルで口ずさみたくなるような素敵な曲をたくさん作ってくださいました。そして、ヴォーカルトレーナーの原あやこ先生にも子供達の歌の指導に参加していただき、この場を借りてお礼申し上げます。

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