Aesop Party!

And the party don’t stop till the break o’ dawn!


What an incredible night! The Cast & Crew of Aesop’s Fables gathered at Show Supporter, Xlingual, for a night of games, discussion and LOTS of drinking!


We started the night with a round of Find Someone Who… and discovered that many of the guests could speak three or more languages, could sing well, and could Heeee Haaaaw! like a donkey.


Magician Mr Joe made an appearance as well. He wowed everyone one with some cool Rubik’s Cube tricks and his signature magic rope. With help from his new assistant Denise he stunned the crowd with a very clever card trick too.

そして「Pin the Tail on the Donkey」目隠しをして、壁に描いてあるロバのお尻にしっぽをピン打ちするゲームを楽しみました。ミツラちゃんが見事にロバのお尻にしっぽをつけてくれ一等賞をゲット。

We then played a game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey but it went pretty quickly. Our champion, Mitra, pinned the tail on her first try and won the prize.

その後、パーティのメインパート、キャストとクルーによるパネルディスカション。Xリンガルのブライアンさんが進行を勤め「イソップ物語」制作に関する裏話が飛び交いました。その中にディレクターのショーン マーラーはどんな監督さん?という問いかけに「穏やかだが、芯がある」という回答をくれました。楽しい時間はあっという間に過ぎてしまうものでワインもたっぷりとあり終電さえ乗らなくてもよければ一晩中でも話しあかせそうなひと時でした。

We then moved on to the highlight of the evening, a panel discussion with the Cast & Crew. Brian moderated the talk and we heard a lot of interesting and insightful details about the making of Aesop’s Fables. The Cast took questions from the audience and we learned that Director Shawn Mahler, is patient but firm. We could have talked all night but there was plenty more wine to drink!


The party went into full swing and we ended up drinking and chatting till midnight! If it wasn’t for last train we may never have gone home!

Thank you to everyone who attended the party, it was such a special way to bring the first production of Aesop’s Fables to a close.


Aesop’s Fables isn’t done yet. Please check back on, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get announcements about future shows and events. And please join us the next time we throw a party. It’s a lot of fun!!

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