“Psychic” – December 2015

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Psychic is the story of famed spiritual medium Oz, the Great and grieving husband-to-be, Marco.

In failing health and haunted by the memory of his fiancée Marco desperately seeks an answer to a cryptic message she left behind.  Marco employs the services of Oz, the Great to help him reconnect with Liana and discover the meaning behind this message.

Psychic is a play about what it means to manipulate and what it means to be manipulated.  Not everything is as it seems.  All lies have their uses.

Nagoya Players Presents Psychic

Nagoya Players Presents Psychic

この演劇「サイキック」とは、有名な霊媒師 偉大なるオズが悲しみに明け暮れる婚約者をなくしたマルコフランキに出会ったところから始まります。マルコフランキは、過去の婚約者 リアーナとの想い出から長い間 抜けられず、彼女が残していった謎めいたメッセージの答えを、ただ必死で探し続けていました。


見えるもの全てが現実ではない、全てのうそには 理由があるのです。

Psychic Cast and Crew


  • Dan Pousson
  • Biagino Cristiano
  • George Van Horn
  • Joya Joseph
  • John Ahern
  • Darian Gore
  • Fabi Fujikawa
  • Tomokazu Nemoto

Music by

  • Robert Beatty
  • Stiv Peck

This production is currently scheduled for:

  • Friday, December 11th, 3pm and 7pm
  • Saturday, December 12th, 1pm and 6pm
  • Sunday, December 13th, 1pm and 6pm

at Nanjare Theater near Nagoya Station

Tickets available from Cast & Crew, Red Rock, Coat of Arms, IPE Academy and via email psychicnagoyaplayers@gmail.com

See our event page on Facebook 

Psychic Cast English Worksheet

One of our goals as an organization is fostering a love of the English language through consuming and producing English language theater. Towards that goal we have produced, with an assist from IPE Academy, a worksheet which can be used at your eikaiwa or other language school.

Feel free to use this as a part of your course curriculum or English discussion classes. If you work in education and are interested in working with the Players to foster a love of English language theater in your own students, get in touch. We would love to hear from you.


Psychic Worksheet 1022615

Psychic Rehearsals Slideshow

Big Thanks to Geoffrey Griggs who stopped by to photograph the cast at work.

Psychic Show Slideshow

We were very blessed to have two extremely talented photographers visit us and capture the show. A huge thanks a Nagoya institution, Andy Boone. And a huge thanks to an amazing artist, Geoffrey Griggs. Thank you so gentlemen for recording this show in photo.

Psychic Snapshots and Memories

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