Aesop Storytime at IPE Academy


“Heeee Haaaaw! Oh, that was great fun!”

Our first Aesop Storytime Kids Workshop was a blast! These little guys were amazing. So smart and very quick learners.

Cast member Naudia read to the children and imparted some very valuable morals upon their young minds. However, to break up all that morality she also lead the group through a series of games and challenges!

It wasn’t just playtime though, the children also did writing exercises and they got homework! Oh, what fun!

Thank you to the kids and parents for an exciting day of storytelling and learning. And a big thank you to IPE Academy for hosting us!

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If you’re interested in hosting an Aesop Storytime Workshop please email us at We have workshops for Kids, Beginner-Intermediate, and Advanced English Learners.

Please download our information sheet for more details.
Aesop Storytime Info Sheet English

Check out the photos from our first Aesop Storytime Kids Workshop at IPE Academy in Imaike.

ヒーホーヒーホー とっても楽しかったよ!!

イソップ物語 ストーリータイム キッズ ワークショップ



参加してくれた子供達、協力いただいた保護者の方々、また、ワークショップを支援してくれたIPEアカデミー みなさんのご協力 本当にありがとうございました。





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