Aesop Video-Storybook



It’s fascinating to see the minds of children at work. Nagoya Players collaborated with local art and language school IPE Academy to design a project that would combine English education with the visual arts. And what resulted is the very wacky, yet very intriguing, Aesop Video-Storybook.

Five groups of children, ages 5-10, were each given a fable to illustrate scene by scene. The kids spent a total of 6 weeks learning the fables in English, while at the same time applying layer after layer of paint and texture until their masterpieces were complete.

Nagoya Player’s music director Robert Beatty laid down the soundtrack, and cast members Amy Bruan, Denise Hewitt and Naudia Patterson lent their voices to the fable readings. Aesop’s Fables show director Shawn Mahler then collected all the artwork and put everything together in video form for you to enjoy.

This project was done as part of Nagoya’s Players English Education Initiative (EEI).

And special thanks to show supporter IPE Academy for doing this project with us. For more information on art, English and Japanese classes please visit their website.






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