Audition Photography Workshop Wrap Up


Our first Audition Photography Workshop was an interesting and informative session hosted by the team of George Van Horn, John Ahern and Geof Griggs. We had an interesting mix of participants from children, to university students, to working adults and parents. It was fascinating to see and hear how this varied group viewed photography and it was even more fun to see them learn classic posing.



Mr. Ahern started the workshop with some sound advice for people trying to break into acting in Japan. Looking the part and presenting yourself professionally are the keys to success.



Then Mr. Van Horn gave a very detailed and insightful presentation covering topics like his experience as an actor on a Japanese drama, the role of agents, the hallmarks of good profile photos, and the principles of portraiture.



Mr. Van Horn then lead the group with step by step instructions on how to achieve the classic ‘C’ and ‘S’ poses. And Geof Griggs was behind the camera making the magic happen.



This is one of the most informative workshops we’ve organized and we’re planning on hosting it again. If you’re serious about acting and modeling this is a must-attend event.



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