Interview with Gift’s Tap Dancers, Jeff & Chiharu

(English Below) ダンスインストラクター ジェフ フリッチ氏は名古屋とアメリカにて20年以上に渡りダンスの指導をして来ました。特にタップダンスに特化し、友人でもあり生徒でもある坂本千春さんと共に数々の舞台で踊ってきました。彼らのダンスは魅力的で楽しませてくれます。


オンライン及びチケットぴあ(P-Code 495-574)でもご購入いただけます。

Dance Choreographer Jeff Fritch has been teaching and training dancers in Japan and the US for over two decades. Jeff is tap dance specialist and one of his best students (and good friend) is Chiharu Sakamoto. Together Jeff and Chiharu have put on several tap performances and they always have something surprising up their sleeves!

Jeff and Chiharu have teamed up to perform a specially choreographed routine for Nagoya Players’ The Gift of the Magi. In this interview they discuss their backgrounds and the work they’re doing on the play.

Don’t miss out on this very fun and entertaining performance!

Tickets available from Cast, Crew and Show Supporter IPE Academy.
Also available online and at select convenience stores via TicketPia, P-Code 495-574.


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