Sing in English Workshop

(English Below) 名古屋プレイヤーズとIPEアカデミーの共同企画 Sing in English ワークショップにお邪魔してきました。このワークショップでは「Up On The Housetop」というクリスマスソングを練習しています。背筋を伸ばして、かっこよく立つ方法、声の出し方、発音の仕方などを丁寧に指導。頑張って歌詞も覚えてきてくれました。


または、オンライン及びチケットぴあ(P-Code 495-574)でもご購入いただけます。


We recently stopped by to visit the kids participating in Nagoya Players and IPE Academy’s Sing in English Workshop. For the past few weeks they’ve been learning the lyrics and how to sing the Christmas classic Up on the Housetop. And as a special bonus, they’ll get to perform the song live at the NP’s The Gift of the Magi.

These guys are adorable and very hardworking! It’s going to be super fun having them open the show for us. The Sing in English kids will be our warm-up act for the Sunday, Dec. 8th 12:00 performance. A special treat for anyone attending that show!

Tickets still available from Cast, Crew and Show Supporter IPE Academy.
Also available online and at select convenience stores via TicketPia, P-Code 495-574.


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