Postponed•延期 Mirai Fes 2020

(English Below)






名古屋プレイヤーズ 総監督
ショーン マーラー


We’d like to announce the postponement of Mirai Fes 2020. The event organizers are now planning to hold the event in March 2021.

Nagoya Players will still be participating in the next Mirai Fes. We’ve been preparing for this event for about one year. Now that we have a little more time, we can make even better plans and bring you some very exciting workshops and performances in 2021.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. These are difficult times for everyone. Performers and performance groups in Japan and around the world eagerly await the day we can return to stage.

For more information about Mirai Fes please visit their website:

Take care and be safe.

Shawn Mahler, Artistic Director Nagoya Players

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