Nagoya City Board of Education•名古屋市教育委員会

We’re very happy to announce that the Nagoya City Board of Education has offered their support for Nagoya Players’ production of the Edward Albee Showcase.

As with every NP show, we remain dedicated to our mission of providing entertainment that is informative, educational, and has the ability to exchange culture. We sincerely thank the BoE for their continued support.

The Edward Albee Showcase is a little sophisticated in its themes, but we believe it is an excellent show to expose university students to both real world English as well as Western culture, thought, psychology and philosophy, in an immersive environment. We strongly encourage teachers and instructors working with intermediate~advanced English learners to watch the show. It will be an invaluable learning experience.







Edward Albee Showcase

Edward Albee Showcase
April 15-16
13:00 & 18:00
Sasashima Studio