Interview with The Sandbox’s Erica Hara

Nagoya Players Performer Erica Hara sits down for an interview with NP’s Creative Director, Shawn Mahler.

Erica is a new Performer and joined NP earlier this year. She’s been a quick study and taken on the challenge of learning the deranged role of MOMMY in Edward Albee’s The Sandbox.

In this interview, we learn about Erica’s background in LARP and the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and how those styles of performance differ from traditional stageplay. Erica also shares some enlightening insights about her experience preparing for the show.

Erica is a great new talent, and we’re really looking forward to her debut. Please join us for the show and give Erica your support.

Edward Albee Showcase

Edward Albee Showcase
April 15-16
13:00 & 18:00
Sasashima Studio