NPJ Showcase 2023: Inside Look

(English Below)



NPJ子供英語劇は毎回の公演で参加者の子供達、保護者様より大好評を博し、観客の皆様からもとても前向きな評価をいただいています。プログラムについて関心のあるお問い合わせも多く、NPJの活動内容やパフォーミングアートが及ぼす効果や子供達への影響などご興味のある方は是非この動画をご覧ください。子供達の映像に合わせて、演出家のジェフ フリッチ氏、アシスタントのエミリー ベイリー氏、総監督のショーン マーラー氏、制作責任の松島よしこ氏のインタビューが収録されています。





We have something very cool to share with you today. Revonn from Filmoment has put together an amazing behind-the-scenes video of last year’s Nagoya Players Junior Showcase. 

The NPJ program has been a huge success, and the response from the children, parents, and audience has been very positive. We often get inquiries about the program and how it works. If you’re curious about NPJ and the benefits of the performing arts and language acquisition for children, please give the video a watch. You’ll hear from NPJ Showcase’s Show Director Jeff Frtich, Assistant Director Emily Bailey, Executive Producer Yoshiko Matsushima, and Producer Shawn Mahler.

We will announce plans for NPJ Showcase 2024 very soon. Please follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and X) or sign up for our newsletter for up-to-date information. We’ve got some exciting new shows for the children to perform!

A huge thank you to Revonn and Filmoment! Nagoya Players has been blessed to work with some of the city’s best photographers over the years, and now we’ve got one of the best videographers on our team. If you’re in need of video services, please reach out to Revonn. He’s top-notch, dependable, and reliable. We highly recommend him. For more information, please visit Filmoment’s website: