Announcing the Cast of The Gift of the Magi


Nagoya Players is very happy to announce the cast for our upcoming production of The Gift of the Magi. The show is based on the classic and beloved short story of the same name by O. Henry and has been adapted for stage by playwright Jon Jory.

The Gift of the Magi is our second show of the 2019 season and continues our focus on family entertainment. It’s a wholesome show, appropriate for all ages, and promotes good family values. There will be plenty of song, music and dance for everyone to enjoy!

If you enjoyed Aesop’s Fables then you’ll definitely want to see The Gift of the Magi. It’s a heartwarming tale of love and sacrifice and really captures the true spirit of Christmas.

We have been extremely fortunate to get some of the Nagoya’s best acting, singing and dance talent for the show. We’ve also discovered many new faces that will blow you away when they take the stage. This is our big show of the year and we have a lot of amazing things planned for you.

Please check out the cast photos below. More information about the show, education materials and workshops are coming soon!



Amy Braun
Masa Wood
Yusuke Suzuki
Daniel Desjardin
Hirotaka Tsukamoto
Satoe Matsuoka
Naudia Patterson
Julius Mendoza
Amanda Rae Neumann
Jeramae Bongcac Narca
Becky Keenan-Barralle
Megumi Sato
Thais Sayuri
Shawnna Hunter


Valeriya Takazato
Chiharu Sakamoto
Satoe Matsuoka
Chiemy Mori
Angeline Lagedamon
Megumi Sato
Thais Sayuri


Naudia Patterson
Shino Ono
Julius Mendoza


Robert Beatty
Shannon Desjardin
Daniel Desjardin
Jeff Fritch


Jeffery Fritch, Choreographer
Robert Beatty, Music Director
Shawnna Hunter, Choir Leader
Ritsuko Shiraki, Lighting
Cheyenne Shrader, Lighting
Allan Van Der, Set Design
Yoko Kawai, Set Design
Tomokazu Nemoto, Set Design
Henry Young, Set Builder
Michael Hoare, Set Builder
Chiyoko Uchiyama, Costume
Wayne Wilson, Artwork
Mami Ito Delaney, Graphic Design
Kagari Takahashi, Translation
Geof Griggs, Photographer
John Ahern, Outreach
Akane Springday, Outreach
Yoshiko Matsushima, Production Manager
Shawn Mahler, Director



The Gift of the Magi will begin rehearsals this August. We are still looking for volunteers to help us create this cool and unique show. We are looking to add a few more singers and background dancers as well. We also need stagehands, techs, front of house, promoters and more! All are welcome. If you’d like to join the show please email Shawn Mahler at






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