Our Town Study Guide•「わが町」スタディガイド


Nagoya Players’ English Education Initiative is back with our latest offering for our upcoming production of Thornton Wilder’s Our Town, July 04-05th, Chikusa Playhouse.

The Our Town Study Guide has been developed for intermediate English learners and is appropriate for ages 13+. The guide is flexible enough to be used in large group classes or in private lessons. And for stronger English speakers it can be self-studied.

The Our Town show and Study Guide have both received stamps of approval from Aichi Board of Education and the Nagoya City Board of Education.

The exercises can be done in sections or studied from cover to cover. Go at your own pace. We hope it can be used by teachers and students in order to prepare them for the show.

English-learners who complete the Study Guide, watch the performance and then return to the classroom for post-show analysis and critique will benefit greatly from the experience.

The guide is print-ready and completely free to use and distribute.

If you have questions about the guide, the show or our English Education Initiative please email us at Info@NagoyaPlayers.org.

We hope the guide can be of use to you and motivates your students to further pursue their English and Arts studies.

–English Education Initiative Team, Nagoya Players


名古屋プレイヤーズ英語教育推進部は、7月4.5日に名古屋市千種文化小劇場にて公演のOur Town「わが町」をサポートしています。


名古屋プレイヤーズ公演 Our Town 「わが町」及びこの教材の頒布に関しては、教育への有用性により愛知県教育委員会名古屋市教育委員会より、後援を受けています。







名古屋プレイヤーズ 英語教育推進部

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