NPJ Showcase 2022: Original Cast Recording

We are so excited to announce that Nagoya Players Junior Showcase 2022: Original Cast Recording is now available for download and streaming!

Thank you to everyone who was able to experience our live performance this month. It was an amazing weekend filled with positive energy and lots of fun!

The music featured in the performances of Rainbow Connections: The Land of Kindness and A Day in the Life of Boogy are both included on the album. 

NPJ Music Composer Ben Dorman and Lyricist Jeff Fritch have done a masterful job working with the children’s vocals and putting this playful album together. Please support Ben and the NPJ performers by downloading and streaming the songs on your music platform of choice. The album is currently available on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and many other platforms.

Thank you again to all our amazing theater fans! The NPJ Showcase will be back in 2023 with another set of family-friendly and fantastic shows.



2022年には春『Rainbow Connections:The Land of Kindness』と冬『A Day in the Life of Boogy』と2回公演を実現し、その2つの舞台からのオリジナル・ミュージックがアルバムとなりました。


このアルバムはApple MusicSpotifyAmazon Musicの会員の方は無料で視聴できます。また、iTunesで購入ダウンロードすることもできます。お友達やお知り合いの方々にも是非ご紹介いただき皆様でお楽しみください。