Announcing the Cast of the Edward Albee Showcase

Edward Albee Showcase, April 15-16, Sasashima Studio

(日本語は英語に続く) Nagoya Players is making a return to the blackbox, and it’s going to be really fun. Edward Albee is one of theater’s preeminent playwrights, and his one-act shows are considered some of the best ever written.

We will perform The Sandbox, The American Dream, and Counting the Ways this Spring at Sasashima Studio. Albee’s plays can be intense, and the acting talent needed to perform them has to be top-notch. NP has called upon its best veteran as well as up-and-coming performers to put this show together.

The leads from Nagoya Players’ Our Town, Emily Bailey and Shinsuke Tsuda, will be back on stage together, but in very different roles. Emily will be playing MOMMY in The Sandbox and MRS BARKER in The American Dream. Shinsuke has proven himself a very comical actor and will be playing YOUNG MAN in The Sandbox and re-appearing as YOUNG MAN in The American Dream.

Also from the incredible Our Town cast, we have Joe Sichi, Michael Kruse, Atsumi Yamamoto, and Holly McNamee. In the Sandbox, we have Joe as MUSICIAN, Michael as DADDY, and Atsumi as the adorably profound GRANDMA. For The American Dream, Joe will take on the role of DADDY, and Atsumi will be his strong-willed wife MOMMY.

Counting the Ways is one of Albee’s more philosophical pieces about the relationship between husband and wife, and we have cast the perfect couple of Michael as HE and Holly as SHE to show us all the turmoil.

And we’re very excited to have Ana Valdes-Lim make her acting debut in Japan with us. Ana is a recent arrival to Nagoya and comes to us from the Philippines where she spent many years working as a professional actor, acting coach, and theater director. Ana will be playing the enigmatic GRANDMA in The American Dream.

Nagoya Players’ Creative Director, Shawn Mahler, will be directing the show. He’ll be accompanied by Thembi Msiza as Stage Manager and Chifumi Arima with Subtitles.

The strength of this cast has us very excited. We really encourage everyone to get tickets for this show. It’s going to be a memorable and impactful performance.

The Edward Albee Showcase will be performed April 15-16, 2023 at Sasashima Studio. Show times at 13:00 & 18:00. Performed in English with Japanese subtitles. Tickets are available from Cast and Crew. For tickets and inquiries please email us at For more information please visit the show’s webpage:




2022年夏の公演「Our Town(わが町)」で主演を務めた2人、エミリー•ベイリーと津田慎介が再び舞台にあがります。今回は全く違った役柄です。エミリーは、「砂場」では母親役を、「アメリカンドリーム」ではバーカー夫人を演じます。慎介は2つの作品共に若い青年です。彼が得意とするのがコミカルな役柄だと言うことを証明しています。

まだまだ「Our Town」からの役者たちがいます。ジョー•シキ、マイケル•クルーズ、山本温美、ホリー•マクネミーの4人です。「砂場」ではジョーはミュージシャン、マイケルは父親、そして温美がとても難しい役であるおばあちゃんに挑戦します。「アメリカンドリーム」ではジョーが父親、そして彼に強い影響を与える妻である母親を演じます。






— 有馬ちふ美 翻訳